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2017 Annual General Meeting Results

Monday, 10 April 2017

The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Annual General Meeting was held this evening. Over 40 brigade members attended.

The following field officers and office bearers were elected for 2016-17:

 Field Officers                                Administration
 Captain  Ben de Leon    President  Bill Scott
 Senior Deputy   
 John Nelson    Vice President  Geoff Turnbull
 Deputy 2  Geoff Percival    Secretary  Andrew Smith
 Deputy 3  Phil Gallop    Treasurer  Stephanie de Leon
 Deputy 4  Alan Barnwell    Training Officer
 Geoff Turnbull
 Deputy 5  Rex Callaghan    Assistant Training Officer  
 Phil Gallop
 Deputy 6  Stephanie de Leon    Equipment Officer
 John Snook
 Deputy 7  Peter Brogan    Station Officer
 Rex Callaghan
 Deputy 8  Paul Browning    First Aid Officer
 Andrew Smith
 Deputy 9  Chris Robison    RFSA Delegate
 Dave Cordery
 Deputy 10  John A'Beckett    Social Convenor
 Janice Turnbull
       Social Committee
 Sophie Hudecek, David Cordery, Paul Brady

The Captain, Ben de Leon, presented the Captain's Encouragement Award for 2016-17 to joint winners John Dennis and John Robertson.

The evening finished with supper.